They say that you spent so much of your time drinking that you will need to replace that with something. I spend more time now reading in the program, about the program. My work is doing better, many things that suffered when I was drinking are now being taken care of. It is a matter of putting other things as a priority. That is what is important.

Today I am grateful for:
  • My job, many of my friends are without and I pray that it changes soon for them.
  • The ability to go to visit my family.
  • Finding a meeting in a town 300 miles away.
  • The silent calm that came over me today when drinking crept into my head.
  • The trust of my wife on a money issue, again. Sobriety does create miracles.

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  1. All my thoughts used to be about drinking. Now those thoughts have been replaced with thoughts about recovery. It is indeed a miracle!