Last night's meeting was great. This is the first time I had been and it is by far and away the best AA meeting I have ever been to. It's a men's stag and the format is almost like a free for all. Lots of crosstalk and HONEST sharing. I really liked it...on that note, most of the sharing was on pausing and then reacting. Taking that second to think and not just to go with our gut reaction. This is an amazing concept. If I can practice this skill I am sure to improve my communication and my life. My thoughts are so jumbled, but I know that I treated my alcoholism last night, and am treating it this morning. I am going to practice that trait today and pause, pause, pause....

Today I am Grateful for:
  • Finding a meeting that spoke to me like none other ever before.
  • The honesty I feel in the rooms of AA.
  • Being there for my wife when she needed me and not having to lie about where I was.
  • The newness of today.


  1. That is a lesson we all could use. I for one need to pause alot more often. Somtimes it feels like I am on a merry go round. I think stepping off for a bit may be good for me!

  2. I have wondered about a meeting where crosstalk was encouraged. Sounds thrilling!