Today I am just grateful. Grateful to be in the program, and yet scared at the same time. I hope each day that I get a daily reprieve I will do the best I can with it. Yesterday I went to a meeting where one of the newcomers shared about football season and how was he going to make it without drinking? Suddenly I felt overcome with dread at the same question. Of course someone with some time shared afterwards that it only takes today, you can drink tomorrow if you want. That is what I am going with, today. And today, I am not drinking. I treated my alcoholism this morning, and I have a busy day ahead. But by the Grace of God....

Today I am grateful:
  • Restful sleep not interrupted by the alcohol.
  • My wife's trust on a money issue this morning.
  • God doing for me what I cant do for myself.
  • For the Stag meeting tonight and reading with my sponsor.


  1. I'm always amazed when God steps in and does something I can't. It's awesome and inspiring